La OMC publica una nueva edición de Perfiles arancelarios en el mundo





La OMC ha publicado el 14 de julio la edición de 2021 de Perfiles arancelarios en el mundo, una publicación conjunta de la OMC, el Centro de Comercio Internacional y la Conferencia de las Naciones Unidas sobre Comercio y Desarrollo (UNCTAD). La publicación ofrece información completa sobre los aranceles y las medidas no arancelarias impuestas por más de 170 países y territorios aduaneros.

Summary tables allow cross-country comparisons of the average “bound” or maximum tariff each economy may apply to its imports and the average tariff it applies in practice. One-page profiles provide more detailed data for each economy, with tariffs broken down by product groups. Each profile also shows the tariffs levied on its exports by its main trading partners. A summary table provides import and export profiles for each economy. Statistics on non-tariff measures by economy and product group complement the data on tariffs.

The special topic for this issue is the use of non-tariff measures (NTMs). Using data in UNCTAD’s Trade Analysis Information System (TRAINS), this chapter looks at three indicators of the use of NTMs: the frequency index, the coverage ratio and the prevalence score. These indicators reveal the percentage of products affected by NTMs, the share of trade subject to NTMs, and how many measures apply to a particular product group.

The chapter reveals that almost 60 per cent of imported products need to comply with at least one NTM. In terms of trade value, almost 80 per cent of imported goods are subject to NTMs.

The publication is available here.

French and Spanish editions will be available for download by the end of July. Printed copies will be available in August.

The new data are also available in the WTODATA portal.