Los Miembros de la OMC prosiguen sus esfuerzos para hacer avanzar las negociaciones sobre la agricultura a pesar de la crisis provocada por la COVID-19





Pese a que se han suspendido las reuniones de la OMC a causa del brote de COVID-19, los Miembros de la OMC prosiguen, mediante comunicaciones escritas, su intercambio de opiniones sobre diversas cuestiones relativas a las negociaciones sobre la agricultura y posibles opciones para lograr un resultado positivo.

In a communication dated 16 March, the chair of the agriculture negotiations, Ambassador John Deep Ford (Guyana), invited WTO members to make the best possible use of their time despite the unforeseen circumstances resulting from the pandemic.

The chair shared an updated assessment of the possible options in the agriculture negotiations, building upon his report on the “Elements and processes for a possible outcome in agriculture at MC12” circulated on 14 February 2020 and subsequent consultations held with members. He urged members to table new submissions and asked them to express in writing their views on his assessment as well as on all new submissions by 15 April 2020. All the views expressed will be compiled and circulated to members, constituting inputs for future talks.

The chair acknowledged that the negotiation process was even more challenging in this unprecedented environment. The situation would need to be reassessed once there is more clarity regarding the work schedule of the WTO and the new dates for the 12th Ministerial Conference, he added.

The chair said that “with determination and flexibility, members will be able to make progress and take a step forward in achieving our collective goal towards establishing a fair and market oriented agricultural trading system, enabling it to effectively address the challenges facing it and to contribute to the realisation of the Sustainable Development Goals”.