OMC – Nueva herramienta ayuda a usuarios a explorar cambios en la nomenclatura de productos



El 7 de octubre la OMC lanzó una nueva herramienta en línea que permite hacer un seguimiento de los cambios del Sistema Armonizado de Designación y Codificación de Mercancías (SA), el sistema utilizado para la clasificación de las mercancías objeto de comercio. El HS Tracker (Rastreador del SA), desarrollado con el apoyo de la Organización Mundial de Aduanas (OMA), también tiene por objeto ayudar a los funcionarios de aduanas y a los comerciantes a prepararse para las modificaciones del SA que entrarán en vigor el 1 de enero de 2022.

The HS Tracker brings together relevant information and documents relating to revisions to HS product nomenclatures, often resulting from changes in manufacturing processes and technological advancements, or developments in environmental and social issues. Since the creation of the HS in 1988 as a standardized language for classifying products, WCO contracting parties have introduced and adopted seven official amendments with HS 2022 as the latest version.

The HS plays a key role in world trade as it is used in customs tariffs, trade statistics, and trade negotiations, among others. The system is intended to assist trade officials, statisticians, lawyers, researchers, and businesses.

In the new tool, the “Subheading Visualizer” displays how a specific HS code has changed across different versions of the HS, with an explanation from the WCO on why the changes were undertaken. “HS at a Glance” provides a broad overview of the HS amendments by consolidating the different versions of the HS in a single combined structure. The filters and search functions make it possible to browse multiple HS nomenclatures simultaneously for a particular set of codes and determine whether they were affected by a specific amendment to the HS.

Fuente: OMC